Rafael Teixeira

Executive Director, Head of Accounting Technical Service, Fund Services, BTG Pactual Timberland Investment Group

Mr. Teixeira joined BTG in 2005 as a Software Engineer and in 2007 he became a Business Unit Controller Analyst in Finance department. In 2011, assumed responsibility for the control of Fund Services – Change the Bank team, coordinating teams and IT projects implementations on USA, Brazil, Chile and Colombia. He was responsible for the implementation of a strategic Portfolio Management project for the Asset Management unit in Latin America with comprehensive instrument coverage – from global equities and fixed income to derivatives and bank debt. In 2015, he became Head of Accounting Technical Service – Fund Services for the BTG Timberland Investment Group – BTG TIG. Prior to BTG, Rafael spent five years as a Software Engineer at Furnas Centrais Elétricas S.A., a Brazilian government electrical company, developing systems to support the Brazilian electrical grid and received his B.S. from the Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro.