BTG Pactual Timberland Investment Group launches Landscape Capital

ATLANTA, November 23, 2020 – The BTG Pactual Timberland Investment Group, LLC (TIG) announces the launch of Landscape Capital, a new initiative aimed at delivering natural climate solutions (NCS) at scale. Mark Wishnie, former Director of The Nature Conservancy’s Global Forestry Program, has been named TIG’s Chief Sustainability Officer and will lead the initiative.

The role of NCS in the fight against climate change continues to gain broader recognition. The latest science shows that NCS can deliver a third of the climate mitigation necessary to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement. Yet, they receive only a small fraction of global climate finance.

Landscape Capital seeks to create large-scale NCS investment opportunities that deliver outsized benefits for climate, biodiversity and rural communities, while also generating appropriate, risk-adjusted financial returns. Landscape Capital will pursue climate-positive investment opportunities across the sustainable forest value chain, including investment in forest restoration, sustainably managed commercial tree farms and climate-positive forest products.

Mark Wishnie said: “Natural climate solutions can rapidly mitigate climate change while channeling new investments into biodiversity restoration and rural communities. But, delivering on the potential of NCS requires that we act quickly and at truly massive scales. Landscape Capital seeks to leverage TIG’s institutional platform, operational expertise, and experience managing millions of acres of commercial timberland across four continents to create truly impactful opportunities for institutional investors.”

Gerrity Lansing, Head of TIG and MD Partner at BTG Pactual, said: “We are very pleased to launch Landscape Capital as a complement to TIG’s diversified portfolio of sustainable commercial timberland properties and related downstream investments. We believe that TIG’s rigorous underwriting and disciplined approach to investment will enable Landscape Capital to operate at the leading edge of sustainable practice while delivering appropriate risk-adjusted returns to our clients.”

Iuri Rappaport, Co-Head of BTG Pactual ESG & Impact Investing, and Partner and Statutory Director of BTG Pactual, said: “Landscape Capital is an important addition to BTG Pactual’s growing family of products that integrate social and environmental impact with financial performance. Together with our Sustainable & Impact equity and debt products, Landscape Capital will provide our clients with exposure to real assets that deliver meaningful climate benefits and can help neutralize the carbon impact of client portfolios.”

About the BTG Pactual Timberland Investment Group

The BTG Pactual Timberland Investment Group (“TIG”) is one of the world’s oldest and largest timberland investment management organizations. TIG manages assets and commitments of nearly US$ 3.5 billion and 2.6 million acres across four continents. TIG and affiliates have over 100 professional staff members bringing local, regional, and global experience to bear on the careful management of client investments.

About BTG Pactual

BTG Pactual (BPAC11) is the largest investment bank in Latin America, and operates in the markets of Investment Banking, Corporate Lending, Sales & Trading, Wealth Management and Asset Management. Since its creation in 1983, the bank has been administered based on a culture of meritocracy and partnership, with a focus on the client, excellence, and a long-term vision. The institution has established itself as one of the most innovative in the sector and has won numerous domestic and international awards. It currently has nearly 3,000 employees in its offices in Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, the United States, Portugal and England.


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